The Center for the Study of Government and the Individual (CSGI) exists to explore the constitutional, economic, political, and social foundations of a free, flourishing, and prosperous society and to provide a vehicle for the candid exploration of the proper relationship between government and individuals. The purpose is not to promote particular political ideologies, but to critically analyze all positions on the role of government in American society.


Program for Preserving a Free and Prosperous Society

This program promotes the study of political and economic liberty and the relationship between freedom, progress, and prosperity. As as part of that mission, it regularly host lectures addressing enduring questions of the American constitutional order and contemporary problems in public policy. It also provides support for faculty course development, student research, and student travel to seminars related to the program’s mission.


Program on Education Policy and Reform

Debates on the future of education are too often dominated by uninformed opinion-making and ideological talking points. The Program on Education Policy and Reform provides quality research for scholars and popular audiences, focusing on educational reform, choice, accountability, and law. We generate new research and comment on relevant policies of interest among education researchers, journalists, pundits, and policymakers.

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Bastiat Honors Scholars

The Bastiat Honors Program provides a prestigious undergraduate scholarship for students who wish to study the constitutional, economic, and political foundations of a free society. Teaching these foundations, their relevance to contemporary issues, and developing students to become future leaders in government, law, academia, and business, is the core objective of this program. Students are selected through a competitive application process and engage in a year-long series of readings and discussions with CSGI faculty. For more information, contact Joshua Dunn.


Other Activities

  • Public Forums - designed to bring the academic and public communities together

  • Seminars- by specialists in the subject areas

  • Publications - books, papers, and proceedings of public forums

  • Research - funded to provide in-depth analysis of the Center's areas of interest

  • Faculty Fellows - participate in the Center Roundtable, act as editors for publications, serve as mentors to students and take on special roles in program development

  • Funded development courses - focused on the role government in American society

  • Student Fellows - will receive scholarships in fields relevant to the topic of the Center; will work with faculty mentors and participate in Center activities

  • Student Interns - will work with faculty mentors on projects in the community directly related to the Center