Become a master of the American political tradition.

Far from the gridlock of the coasts and the failures of Washington, D.C., the place to invest in your future is vibrant Colorado—with the stunning Rocky Mountains as a setting for a culture of leadership and open inquiry

In this setting, the Center for the Study of Government and the Individual (CSGI) will give you a world-class education in the American constitutional tradition, and a launchpad for a lifetime of service--whether it be in Colorado, on Capitol Hill, or in your hometown.

Our multidisciplinary program, the fastest-growing of its kind in the country, will immerse you in politics, law, economics, and education. You’ll study the best ideas from both sides of the aisle and come to grips with what you believe and why. You’ll meet the elected officials and other leaders working to protect the best things about American life (or build even better ones for tomorrow). And you’ll graduate with the education, experience, and relationships to set you up to be a leader—in American politics, civic life, or the career you choose.


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