Steven Pittz


Steven Pittz (PhD, University of Texas, 2014) is an Assistant Professor at UCCS.  I teach courses on Political Philosophy, International Relations, and American Government.  I am a graduate of the UCCS Political Science Dept. (BA 2004) and am very excited to be back at my alma mater.  My research focuses primarily on political liberalism and status of spiritual freedom in modern liberal societies.  I also write on other topics in both political theory and international politics and economics.  These include:  “Embracing the Outsider: The Free Spirit in the Liberal Political Order” (book manuscript);  “Providential Partners? Tocqueville’s Take on Equality and Centralization” (The Journal of Politics); “Resilient Alliance: NATO’s Continuing Importance in a Europe Working Towards a Common Defense” (Global Topics); and “Opportunity or Opportunism?  Ethical Dimensions of International Recruitment via Employer and Nation Branding Strategies” (Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum: A Handbook for International Faculty: Volume 2). 

Previously, I was a fellow in the Program in Democracy and Citizenship at Emory University in Atlanta.  I grew up in Colorado Springs, and in my spare time I like to mountain bike, play soccer and basketball, or nestle into the couch for a full Saturday of college football.